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Currently, "I Know What I Feel" is charted at #12 Nation-wide on the Country Gospel Charts. And, in the Christian Music Perspective Magazine's Southern Gospel charts, it is at #78

"Renewed" was recently contacted by and unanimously elected as official members of MAGMA, The Mid-America Gospel Music Association.

"RENEWED" is a Southern Gospel group ministry based out of North West Tennessee. Their music has, at it's core, the very heart and soul of the southern blend that has popularized southern gospel music for many years. With two song-writing members in the group, they are able to capture, record, perform, and deliver the passion that each member shares for others. With God working through each one, they have become known as a traveling "evangelistic team" versus merely another singing group. And, for that blessing and privilege they are all deeply grateful and indebted to God. Where ever they go, they make it their primary purpose to follow the leadership of the Lord. It is their hope and prayer that anyone with whom they have the opportunity to be in worship will surely depart from a service likewise being "Renewed". They look forward to seeing you very soon. God Bless

Individual Biographies:

Charlie Vaughn
Charlie Vaughn has treasured Gospel Music since he was a lad. He grew up in an era when both work
and daily living were demanding. But he recalls being a little boy seated on the front row of a church,
watching and listening to the harmonious blend of gospel singers. As a youngster, he further
remembers saying to himself, "Man, I sure would love to do what they are doing one day". In the late
1970's with his natural bass voice, Charles had his chance. He helped to organize "The Crossmen",
a quartet that blazed a regional trail of gospel music through the 1970's and 1980's. The group went
on to become recognized as "Ambassadors of Gospel Music", being commissioned as such by the
governors of 9 states, and they won 20-plus prestigious awards for their work in the field. However,
like so many before him and despite apparent success in the world's eyes, Charles lost sight of what
really mattered somewhere along the way. Down-hearted, he eventually made a decision to leave the
gospel circuit -- a decision with negative implications on his life for nearly 8 long years to follow.
But, God never left Charlie Vaughn. In fact, God kept tugging and tugging on Charles' heart until one
day Charles began to actively seek-out people who would be willing to minister through song and
worship again. Some three years later, "RENEWED" was born. Charles finally surrendered to what
God had wanted and planned for him for so long...... Today, Charles seeks God first in his
decisions. In fact, it was through prayer that God named the group, "RENEWED"!! Charles is
known and loved by gospel music fans far and near, and he is happier and more at peace today than
ever before. He continues to express gratitude for the miracles that only God could perform in his life,
in his family's life, and in the needs of others through his passion for ministering with "RENEWED".
"I feel so blessed just to be a part. I do not want to give people a show with rehearsed routines and
skits. I want to minister and let God take all the credit. I want to see people blessed and coming to
the Lord, whether it is to get saved or to rededicate their lives, and get on fire for Christ. As a
Christian, that's all I want", says Vaughn.

Keith Ozment
When one thinks of the words "anointed" or "gifted", Keith Ozment has to come to mind. From his
youth, Keith knew he was supposed to be doing something for the Lord. He, too, learned the meaning
of restricted means of living at an early age. His family struggled to make ends meet, and Keith was
obliged to help by beginning work at an early age. However, by 14 years old he'd found his passion --
singing gospel music. And, at age 15 he became the tenor singer for "The Crossmen", the quartet
with whom a friend, Charlie Vaughn, was singing bass. Keith shared in the good-times with the
group, from a boy's dream of traveling and singing gospel music to a young man's inclusion in
numerous awards and honors. The group was even privileged to travel to Washington, DC and sing at
a presidential inauguration. Keith is an ordained minister and began to preach after "The Crossmen"
quartet divided. But, he began being pulled by the world and all it's follies. Hard times and
devastating family changes encouraged him to slip away from his first love -- God and His work.
Keith abstained from ministering in any fashion for a number of years. But, God never left Keith
Ozment either. When long-time friend Charlie Vaughn called Keith and told him that he was sincere
about ministering again, Keith was at first both reluctant and skeptical. But, soon thereafter he saw
first-hand blessing after blessing in his own life and the life of others.... Now singing baritone &
composing gospel songs, Keith [along with Charles (bass) and Mike (lead)] became one of the three
original group members of "RENEWED", a team that God was about to ordain as an evangelistic
singing ministry. "God is so good. He blesses us when we are right, and when we mess up, he finds a
way to use that situation to make us stronger. I just enjoy being a part of what God is doing, not only
in this group, but in my life", said Ozment.

Mike Hoffman
The earliest recordings of Mike Hoffman can be found on reel-to-reel, singing "Kneel At The Cross"
with his Pentecostal preaching "Papaw". Mike was barely 18 months old at the time. With an ear for
music at a very early age, Mike learned timing/rhythm on his first instrument, the tambourine, at 2
years old. He sang with his musically-gifted family during much of his younger years and remained
active in his church. By age 12, Mike was playing drums and then went on to learn rhythm, lead,
bass, and steel guitars. Next for Hoffman came songwriting, composing, and arranging which he
began at 13 years old. Two years later, Mike made a decision that would devastate his life for many
years to come. He decided to pursue a career in secular music. For three years, Mike traveled to and
from Nashville, TN before moving there at age 18 and becoming a member of ASCAP (American
Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers). By his mid twenties, Mike had either met, worked
with, and/or befriended several of the most popular names in the country and pop industries.
However, he was plummeting quickly into self-annihilation. Through it all, God stayed near and
sheltered Hoffman because He had something in store for Mike that was far greater than Mike himself
could ever find on his own. Mike eventually began the long journey of recovery and re-discovered his
roots.... Some 10 years ago, Mike rededicated his life to the Lord and determined to follow Christ's
leadership for the ministry into which God had called him at such an early age -- MUSIC, God's
music!!! Today, he is an ordained elder who ministers through singing, songwriting, and testimony...
"I am deeply grateful for a second chance at life, for a loving family, and especially for the
opportunity to share the stage with three of the most dedicated people with whom I have ever had the privilege of working. I love being a part of the ministry of "RENEWED", a name that sums-up my
very existence", said Hoffman.

Danny Presley
All a person in gospel music has to say is Danny Presley, and heads turn. People begin to say things
like, "What a blessed voice" and "What a glow around him when he sings". Danny's love for gospel
music has followed him essentially all of his life. He came from a very talented family, having a dad
and brother who sang together for many years. Danny spent most of his young life like many others
do -- assuming he had lots of years left to do what he wanted to do. However, a tragic day during the
Vietnam War changed Danny's life forever. Danny and a fellow soldier had a near fatal accident
while serving in the war after a trap-grenade was triggered, firing on both men. As he was being lifted
by Army helicopter, Danny recalls making a promise to God that if He would let him live, he would
always sing His praises and spread the gospel through song. God listened and responded, and Danny
has been singing ever since. He has always been blessed to have a group available to sing with and
has become known abroad for his Class-A, unique, and smooth tenor style. The group with whom
Danny sang for the longest period of time was "The Laymen". Together with his brother, Charles
Presley, he traveled, sang, and ministered for almost 33 years. Danny has recorded numerous albums
and remains widely known and admired for his witness. Though he has quite a catalog of songs and
experience and has worked with some of Southern Gospel's finest through the years, Danny has never
lost his humility. Moreover, his love and compassion for others just keeps growing and growing.
Danny has become an icon in Southern Gospel singing and has earned the title of a "Veteran Tenor
Singer", a label that holds more meaning than most people realize. Before being led to "RENEWED",
Danny was the tenor with "The Senators", a quartet based out of Memphis, TN. But, Danny is not
only gifted as a tenor. He also enjoys high-tech video and audio recording, editing, and production
work and professional photography...... "RENEWED" is blessed and thankful that God saw fit to
send Danny their way to help minister to the needs of others. And, they thank Danny for responding
to God's call once again... "You can't change your ministry or your style to meet the needs of others.
You have to always do what you were called to do and the way you were called to do it. I'm having
more fun and feeling more blessed now than ever before", said Presley.


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