What others are saying about Michael Moore

"After hearing Mike^s message at a Kentucky youth detention center, tears poured down the faces of hardened teens. These youths had seen it all. When Mike asked them to commit to Jesus as Lord and Savior, every one of them came forward. Staff members that knew these troubled kids stood back in amazement as the Holy Spirit did His work......." Jenna Hays, Master of Psychology, McKee, Kentucky

"Chills covered me when I heard where Mike Moore had been and how the wonderful power and grace of God had rescued him. Not once....but twice. I knew as the Holy Spirit filled the room that day, that God wanted me to have him at our church." Rev. Lonnie Weaver, Pastor, Philippi Baptist Church, Baxley, Ga.

"I was Mike^s pastor for over three years and walked with him through many struggles. Now I have the privilege once again to recommend him to you for ministry. You will find his music uplifting, inspiring, professional and anointed. You will find the message of hope and deliverance out of a life of despair to be one that only God could orchestrate. You and your congregation will be blessed...." Rev. Michael Lyle, Pastor, Crossroads Christian Fellowship, Sebastian, Florida

"This is your chance to hear one of the most compelling messages on the evangelism trail today. Mike Moore, a man with a dynamic message of grace and redemption. Dynamic because he lived it. Redemptive because of the healing power of the Holy Spirit...." Larry Purdom, Waycross Journal-Herald

"In ways that boggle the mind, Mike had been through places deeper than most of us will understand, but places which others who are at the bottom understand all too well. It is that fact that God has in mind in raising Mike to a new start with an even more powerful ministry. I write this from a deep personal experience that Mike Moore has an enormously important message of unlimited grace to proclaim in word and music...he lifts up the power of God most clearly, surrounds it with the power of committed parents and Christian leaders and stages a rescue of lives beyond any I know about..." Dr. Calvin C. Hays, Pastor, McKee Reformed Church, McKee, Ky

"You have great accountability with the (Walk On In Freedom) program. This gets the youth^s family and church family involved, signing on the dotted line. Mike is a man on a mission with a message for today." Rev. Rick Brown, Evangelist, Hazlehurst, Georgia

"It is a very good program (Walk On In Freedom), a very moving program. We are definitely on Michaels side and on the side of Walk On In Freedom." Rev. Al Butler, Pastor, Smithsboro Baptist Church, Monticello, Ga.

"We support this very needed program. With Mike, the young people hear a message from someone whose been there and can challenge them not to go where he^s been. They hear him and they respond." Rev. Royce Hulett, Pastor, Oakland Baptist Church, Hazlehurst, Georgia

"Mike^s past really gives him credence with the kids facing the same issues. They identify with him and his struggles and his ultimate salvation and redemption by the grace of God. They respond to that....I^m very impressed with the work of Walk On Ministries and Mike^s testimony." Rev. Jack Lee, Pastor, Antioch Baptist Church, Milan, Georgia*

"Twenty eight young people responded publicly to Michael^s call to commit to staying drug and alcohol free during our Sunday evening service. Our congregation is still talking about the positive affect that Mike Moore and Walk On Ministries has had on our church. I would recommend this ministy to any pastor and any church who wants to honestly address the issues of addictions especially at the point of prevention." Rev. Tom Keisler, Yulee Baptist Church, Yulee, Florida

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